The Song of MySelf Course

The Song of Myself

The Song of MySelf : Student Edition

An online interactive corpus-based writing course of language learners

Author: Trudie Heiman
First Published: 1995(Paper editions)
DigitalEdition: 4th edition
ISBN Status: TBA: Non Registered
Beta Versions: 2010 with ongoing updates

1 year

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Please note: For privacy reasons all student work removed from LMS area after 1 year 3 months.

The Song of MySelf: Teacher Edition

2 Year

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Please note:

  • Student work/ results remain in LMS area for 1 year 3 months
  • All student data is downloadable to Excel Files/Numbers Files



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David Ulvog of Okinawa Christian University, Japan
  • By the way, the journal think me about important things in daily life I don't think such things as forgiveness, a magic day, gratitude , etc. Thanks to the journal I know myself little . I learned not only English but knowledge.
  • I don't keep my dairy so the journal is a good opportunity to think and write about myself.  
  • The journal writing was the most useful for me to improve my English.
  • In the journal, I have to know many words. I have to look for many words. After all I could know many words.
  • P.S. The journal helped my English and this is my treasure.
Reply:- These comments were selected from a few of my students journals which were created over 10+year period in classes I taught. This text book was a paper edition at that time. Trudie Heiman
  • I was reading through the students' journals for the Song of Myself to do a final check of their work and write my Happy Trails letter, and this year, just as with every year, I love the results! The students who do the work (there are always a few who put off the first few weeks and then can't overcome the tsunami of writing) really get into it and do a fantastic job.
  • I have to take my hat off to you for creating such a great writing guide! Some of the students comments are just what a teacher likes to hear, such as "I hated it in the beginning, but kept going and learned a lot about myself." Thank you again and again.