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  • Consciousness raising activities, task based assignments
  • Serving teachers, students, researchers in colleges, universities, institutions, language schools and high schools.
  • Vocabulary acquisition and writing skills development
  • Fully online, interactive, innovative, contains an LMS teacher's administration area

The Song of Myself

An intergrated content - based writing program featuring

"Journal Writing for awakening Human Potential & Developing the vocabulary of feelings and emotions."

- Trudie Heiman

The Lexical Portfolio

  • Designed to help students learn all of the first 2000 most frequent words in English.
  • Promoting the understanding of and use of collocations to improve fluency and correct word use.
  • Includes games, songs and interactive fun.
The Lexicalportfolio Course : a 4 skill lexical approach to language learning
 Course Specifications

    4-Skills Tasks/ Activities:

  • Listening: Gap Tasks, You Tube videos, Movie Trailers

  • Reading: Read out- loud together, reading comprehension tasks, incidental reading

  • Writing: Short sentences, short imaginative stories, ppt presentation reports

  • Speaking: Pronunciation, Intonation / Emphasis practice: Mid-term / year- end presentation units integrates 4 skills & provides reviewing forum: can be adjusted for large classes by having students send in pre- recorded audios

    Corpus-based Lexical Approach:
  • Identifies high frequency words missing from each student's personal lexicon

  • Expands vocabulary knowledge: Word Family studies

  • Improves fluency/accuracy with collocations studies

  • Provides controlled interaction with authentic language

  • Supports learner autonomy

    Genre -Types:
  • Short Expository Essays

  • Academic Research

  • Quotations/Proverbs

  • Song Lyrics / Poems

  • Movie Trailers/ YouTube Videos

  • Game of the Day

    Activity /Task Types:

  • PPT. Portfolio Building

  • PPT. Oral Presentation Skills

  • Internet Research Activities

  • Learning to use Online Language Learning tools: Frequency lists, vocab- profilers, collocation tools, concordance tools, web cursor translators, online dictionaries, language games

  • Short Passage Readings

  • Assessment Tests

  • Listening Cloze Exercises

  • Multiple Choice

    Computer/Internet Research Skills Enhanced
  • PPT Presentations

  • Word Document Assignments

  • Audio-Recording Tasks

  • Online Translation, Collocation,Concordance apps.

  • Internet Search Skills



 Learning Management System / Equipment Specifications

    Designed for:
  • False-beginners through to intermediate level students

  • Increasing learner autonomy

  • Small or large classes

  • Mixed level classes: students work on their own personal word lists

  • In classroom use / teacher lead

  • Meeting CALL /e-learning objectives

    The Learning Management System (LMS):

  • Builds class lists as students join your class.

  • Provides an internal messaging system for sending/receiving messages/documents between teacher / students.

  • Auto-generates scoring: Incorrect/correct activities, consciousness-raising activities (any answer ok)

  • Provides Poll of The Day feed back to assist in classroom management.

  • Allows manual scoring for ppt. presentations/ word documents & other tests/assignments you may wish to add.

  • Displays whole class results, which can be downloaded to your PC.

  • Creates individual reports for each student

How to use this course: Think of The Lexical Portfolio Course as a class room text book that you choose for your language class. Each student buys a subscription and accesses the materials on their desk top/notebook or tablet computer in the classroom. (of course they later can access it from any other internet connected devise elsewhere) . As they do the various activities and tasks the results are collected for you both (in the LMS) and the student (Show Details/My Scores/My Words/ My Documents areas). This eliminates the need for you to keep classroom records.

The daily unit is projected onto the screen or through a HD monitor so both you and the students are on the same page. You "lead" the class, as you feel suitable to your situation/interests/ student abilities. Meaning you can personalize these materials by doing many activities as group work: (reading passages together out-loud, playing games together, clicking into hyperlinks for additional authentic resources, etc.) Or having students do tasks on their own or as homework.

Scores for tasks/activities are auto -generated with extra columns for you to manually enter scores for ppt./word document or tests/assignments you create. (A teacher's manual is in progress: inquiries welcome)

Equipment Needed: Desk- top computers/ Notebooks / Tablets such as IPad's for each student & teacher. High-Speed Internet Access; Projector/Screen or HD Monitors.
(These courses are delivered 100% on the Internet. There are no PDF files/or other downloads required. Available anywhere there is Internet access)

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